Producer & Team Browbands

At Silverburn Browbands, we understand how important identity is to producers, business’ and teams, so often your very own bespoke browband design identifies the horses that make up such a huge part of your team or yard. These very special browband designs are not available for reproduction to the individual customer, hence why they have their very own special section so they can still be appreciated and admired by all.

A discount is available for browband orders of 6 or more and you have all the flexibility of a true bespoke browband, we can make removable flags upon request and are have been trialling browbands with producers for a few years now, which are made with press studs for ease of removal from bridles if swapping the one browband from horse to horse to see how well they work under the strain of a busy show yard. These are extremely popular with side saddle riders.

If you would like to enquire about Silverburn Browbands creating browbands for your yard or team, please email or call to discuss your requirements.

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Kinvara Garner & Millpond Looks the Business – 1st Coloured Non Native Pony, Reserve Coloured Champion HOYS 2014

Many of the designs and ranges at Silverburn Browbands have been designed by ourselves and we own the design rights and copyright on the designs and ranges. The  designs and final pieces are the result of creative skill, significant labour & investment into the products we create and sell. It is illegal to copy our designs and UK law is very unforgiving on infringement of this.