As 2012 was the Diamond Jubilee year, I wanted to get in with the Jubilee spirit and commissioned a patriotic jubilee browband for Her Majesty, The Queen

I came up with a few ideas of what I wanted to achieve with it – incorporate the Union Jack somewhere, have the royal emblem and do something to tie it into the Royal Jubilee. So a mixture of those thoughts and a bit of twiddling led to me create the browband which was completed in the middle of May and sent to Her Majesty in time for the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

I did the base tier of the rosette to mimic the Union Jack, and also if you notice, the flags take the same design as the Union Jack. I got metal centres which are embossed with the Royal Emblem and the jubilee year of which there are only 500 available, and I believe are a copy of the Royal Jubilee medal presented at the 2012 Olympics. As was of course, the queens diamond jubilee, I have added in a small crystal ring to the rosette and tastefully added some Swarovski Crystals

Thus creating a Royal Navy Velvet, Red Velvet & Silver Lame Sharkstooth With Union Jack Rosettes Detailed With Swarovski Crystals and Crystal Rings.

This browband is specially made for Her Majesty The Queen, is copyright of Silverburn Browbands and will not be reproduced

Many of the designs and ranges at Silverburn Browbands have been designed by ourselves and we own the design rights and copyright on the designs and ranges. The  designs and final pieces are the result of creative skill, significant labour & investment into the products we create and sell. It is illegal to copy our designs and UK law is very unforgiving on infringement of this.