Only Show Ponies, Intermediate Show Riding Types, Hacks, Riding Horses and Arabs/Part Bred Arabs/Part Bred Welsh wear coloured browbands in the show ring. Some coloured horses wear coloured browbands but it really depends on the type, For example a coloured traditional would not wear one where as a Coloured Show Pony or Coloured Riding Horse would.

Show Hunter Ponies, Hunters, Cobs and Mountain & Moorlands and Sports Horses do not wear coloured browbands in the show ring, correct turnout for these horses would be plain tack

Different coloured horses and ponies suit different coloured browbands but the amount of white on a ponies face can also affect the colour choice. If you have a pony with quite a lot of white on the face you would only use a little white, cream, silver, etc. or none at all. Horses and Ponies with a star can get away with some white, etc. on their browband whereas horses and ponies with no white at all on the face would benefit from white, etc. on the browband. But as with anything colour selection is purely down to your own personal preference, the following is a helpful guide only if you are stuck on what colours might suit your horse

Bays suit most colours but the popular colour choice is generally red, white and blue or plain red.

   Chestnuts, Duns and Palominos
Chestnuts, Duns and Palominos suit burgundy, blues, and greens but usually need some cream/gold/silver in the browband to brighten it up.

Greys look fabulous in the traditional red, white and blue or bright colours suit as bright pink or red and gold. Darker greys do not always suit blues as the colour blends in too easily but do suit bright colours. Greys also suit subtle colours if it’s a more discrete look you require for your browband

    Blacks and Dark Bays
Blacks look great in traditional colours as well. Colours that suits blacks are similar to the ones that suit greys. These colours also suit dark bays. But you can be as adventurous and flambouyant as you like

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Coloureds generally tend to suit most colour combinations, however less white, cream and silver is favourable. When looking for inspiration for colours for your coloured horse, tend to go for browband colours which suit the more predominant colour on the horses head

Please email us if you require further assistance on choosing colours