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Red edge Gold & Midnight Reflections (RF02)

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Red edged gold velvet and midnight velvet Silverburn Reflections show browband and shown with standard pointed flags. This absolutely gorgeous Silverburn Browband would suit and flatter any colour of horse where it would really stand out and is blingy in it's own right not really requiring anything additional, but that is of course your choice.

Available to order only, with your choice of flag shape, size and leather thickness. Please select your ordering options from the drop down menu.


Rosette centres may vary.


Please note: It is advisable for you to keep mirrored browbands covered when not in use. Cases of reflected light triggering fires are very rare, however we would urge customers to be aware of the potential danger of reflective surfaces intensifying the suns rays.

To minimise the risk of fire, please make sure reflective items such as mirrors are not placed in direct sunlight - particularly during the winter months when the low lying sun can shine on fixed surfaces for a prolonged period.

Purchase options

SizeChoose your browband size
ThicknessChoose the thickness for your browband
Flag ShapeChoose the flag shape for your browband
Removable FlagsWould you like your flags/rosettes to be removable?
Swarovski CrystalsAdd Swarovski crystals to your browband?
Crystal RingsAdd crystal rings to your browband rosettes?
LapelAdd a matching lapel to your order
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