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Equi-N-Ice Socks

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Designed to to be quick and easy to use, Equi-N-icE Icesocks are brilliant for 'post work' cooling and are a perfect instant cold treatment for mild strains and bruises.  

Like other Equi-N-icE products, the Icesocks work by drawing heat out of tendons rather than forcing cold in.  

The Icesocks are made from a unique hi-tech 4 way stretch fabric that allows complete joint mobility while giving a perfect close fit without danger of tightening as it dries. 

Icesocks are very easy to use - simply stretch the Icesock over the hoof and roll up the leg to the injured area or the tendons.  Icesocks can be easily used on otherwise difficult areas such as the knees or the hocks. 

The Icesocks can be trimmed and used under tendon boots that allow air flow to facilitate evaporative cooling. 

Sold in packs of two Icesocks provide 1-2 hours of cooling and, with care, can be washed and re-used.

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