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Itching? Midge Repellant

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Itching? is a brand new highly effective midge repellent lotion for use on all equines. The advanced formula instantly cools and soothes hot, itchy skin, whilst actively repelling flying insects.

With its weather resistant formula, Itching? will aid in the control of skin conditions such as Sweet itch.

Due to the consistency of the lotion, it is easily applied over a large area and therefore is very cost effective. It dries transparent and non sticky, which means no build up or residue.

Itching? can also be diluted 1:12 with water for use as an all over spray for maximum coverage.

Key ingredients:

- Aloe Vera base – cooling on hot and itchy skin
- Margosa – derivative of neem, acts as an excellent, powerful repellent
- Unique blend of essential oils – all specifically focused on their excellent repelling qualities.

Itching? is 100% natural and fully licensed with the HSE No 8490

Directions of use

For best results use Itching? before midges start to bite (early Spring) and continue use until late Autumn.

- Shake bottle before use. Apply lotion to mane, tail and face area depending on severity up to 3 time a day.
- Ensure to comb through to base of hair.
- Decrease application as the lotion takes effect.

We recommend to also dilute a quarter of a bottle into a spray. The dilution rate is 1:12 with water. And then also apply spray all over the equine when applying lotion for maximum coverage.

Unfortunately, due to flying restrictions we are unable to deliver liquids, aerosols and gels outside the UK

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