Sponsorship with Silverburn Browbands

At Silverburn Browbands, we see our customers and supporters as being extrememly important, as is supporting the sport that has effectively created Silverburn Browbands as you know it. Silverburn Browbands sponsor a number of events each year by sponsoring classes, championships and a number of prizes are put forward. These vary from small charity shows, training events, and large championship shows to raffles.

As well as sponsoring events, Silverburn Browbands have sponsored a number of riders and yards since the business began who have all actively endorsed and promoted Silverburn Browbands.

During 2015, Silverburn Browbands sponsored HOYS 2015 Supreme Champion Jayne Ross and Carol Bardo's team of show horses based at Moor Farm, Ivanhoe Equestrian Centre and Kirstine Douglas.

The 2016 sponsored riders/teams are ...

Jayne Ross and Carol Bardo's team at Moor Farm. This will be the 5th consecutive season that Silverburn Browbands have provided the browbands for Moor Farm. All the browbands are made to Jayne's own design, and her requirements. We do not reproduce these browbands and the design is not available unless at the request of Moor Farm. Read more about Jayne, Carol & Moor Farm on their page by clicking here.

The Garner Family. Bridget, Sebastian and Kinvara Garner need very little introduction. Well known and highly regarded through showing and racing, it is a delight to have Kinvara and Bridget on board as a sponsored rider/brand ambassador. The Garner family have been customers of Silverburn Browbands for the last 5 years showing both friendship and kindness so it felt like the right decision to offer sponsorship to Kinvara who is so passionate about her ponies. Read more about Bridget & Kinvara on their page by clicking here