Kwik-Change Press Stud Browband Range ©2012

A new design and officially launched at our trade stand at the Royal Highland Show in June 2012, Silverburn Browbands proudly introduces the Silverburn Kwik-Change Press Stud Range!

Have you a horse who competes in mixed classes requiring the use of both plain and coloured show browbands? Perhaps you have a horse who likes to school at home in the same bridle it is shown in and you want to keep your good show browband clean and in good condition? Silverburn Browbands have the answer to your problems with our Kwik-Change Range of Press Stud Browbands! With the press stud option, you can change your browband without having to take your

bridle apart, not to mention without even removing the bridle from your horse! If you need a quick tack turnaround inbetween classes, you need a Kwik-Change Press Stud browband! Available with all the same flexible bespoke features of any Silverburn Browband, this range is basically an "extra" to your normal browband order. Extensive testing has been done on this range so you can be assured to recieve a browband of outstanding Silverburn quality