Design a Browband Competitions

Every now and again, it was decided that Silverburn Browbands would run some competitions for fun where the end result was having your very own browband made, that a competition winner had completely designed themselves. The 'Design a Browband' competitions were born, a browband design for created and the first competition launched.

These competitions involve drawing out your design, include as much information as possible about your design, and then it is uploaded to an album on facebook where the design with the most likes, wins the oppertunity to have their browband made into reality. The competitions are entirely fair this way, and their is no controversy over unfair choosing of the winner, the public decide the outcome.

If you fancy taking part in our next comptition, keep an eye out on our Facebook and twitter pages for the next competition announcement.

Why not have a browse of the entries for the last two competitions
Easter 2014 Design a Browband Competition
Summer 2014 Design a Browband Competition