Jayne Ross

Silverburn Browbands have sponsored Jayne Ross (Nee Webber) and her incredible team since the beginning of the 2012 season, with that sponsorship remaining ongoing season after season. Sponsorship in 2019 will mark the 8th season of the Silverburn Browbands/Jayne Ross connection!

Jayne is one of the UK's top showing producers based in Berkshire, from where they have been showing their incredibly successful team of show horses since 2006. The team have won the Supreme Horse title at the Horse of the Year Show an astonishing 6 times, with the outstanding large riding horses Soldier Brave (Hugo), The Philanderer (Phil), the unforgetable Comberton Clancy (Clancy) twice in succession with Broadshard Simplicity (Saucey) and with Time 2 Reflect (Betty) who is the reigning 2018 HOYS Supreme Horse Champion!

One of the most famous and well known show horses based at Jayne's yard was The Humdinger, affectionately known by most as Dinger, owned by Carol Bardo and her sister Mandy Hughes. Dinger, is the only show horse in history to score a perfect 100%, he has also appeared in more Supreme Championships than any horse in living memory! He recently retired from the show ring in spectacular style at HOYS, a show where he won his class 6 times, and was in the Supreme line up 4 times! It has been known for people to visit Jayne's yard simply to meet Dinger! This is a super and very comical photograph taken by E.S. Photography of Dinger, the crowd favourite making his final statement at HOYS ... says it all really!

Jayne holds the record for the most Championships won at HOYS in any one year classing some of the wins at HOYS as the most memorable.
Well known for acheiving perfection, her eye for detail is second to none. Silverburn Browbands work along with Jayne to produce browbands in the team colours, exactly as Jayne wants them for each horse - from the design, right down to the dimensions. Jayne is an absolute pleasure to work with and Silverburn Browbands are extremely proud of the connection.


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Moor Farm is four miles from Windsor and one mile from Maidenhead. It is an ideal base from which to tour and visit London and the South of England. There are regular train services from Maidenhead and Windsor. The centre of London is just half an hour (approx) by train. Shops and public transport are within walking distance.

To enquire about having your horse produced by Jayne Ross, please contact 

Moor Farm
Nr Maidenhead
Berks SL6 2HY

Tel : +44 (0) 1628 633761
Fax : +44 (0) 1628 636167

Email : moorfm@aol.com