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  • Ridden Arabian Star Series Posted on 28 October 2016

    Silverburn Browbands continued sponsorship of the Best Turned Out classes at the prestigious Ridden Arabian Star Series for the third year. Silverburn Browbands provided browbands, canes and gloves for the winners of the best turned out male and female awards, plus browbands for the Gold Silver and Bronze champions.

    Very well done to the Gold, Silver and Bronze champions, also the Best turned out Male and Female horses at the Ridden Arabian Star series finals who won these special pieces! Silverburn Browbands couldn't be there to present the prizes, however it was fabulous watching it on live stream! The horses all looked spectacular, as did all the judges, sponsors, stewards, helpers, riders and grooms ... In particular I LOVED the two best turned out junior grooms! Fantastic!


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