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  • We are now stockists for guardian hotline rugs! Posted on 11 June 2016

    26th March 2016

    Does your horse constantly disrespect your electric fence, walking into it, leaning over it with its rug insulating the shock so the horse feels nothing defeating the purpose of restricted grazing or getting where they shouldn't be? Then you need a Guardian Hotline Electric Fence Rug!

    At this time of year, you will be looking to order your 0g turnout rugs, and even they insulate a lot of the shock from your fence. The 0g Genius rug from Hotline offers a solution for that ... and it's dual purpose! The new Genius™ rug works with electric fencing to prevent escapes by transferring the pulse from the fence through to the inside of the rug the instant the horse touches the fence – this means the horse will feel the same effect as they would if not wearing a rug at all. You can either use the 1200d turnout rug on its own or you can layer it with your usual rugs. The way it is designed for use with other rugs means the electric pulse still transfers to the horse!

    Silverburn Browbands are a stockist for these rugs and you can order yours by following this link ... http://silverburnbrowbands.co.uk/products/331873--electric-fence-rug.aspx

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