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  • Personal Bio-Security at horse shows and around the yard Posted on 11 June 2016

    10th February 2016

    When travelling to shows and staying in temporary stables on location, is biosecurity and preventing illness in your horse and on your yard at the forefront of your mind? Silverburn Browbands now stock CleanRound. This concentrated yard wash kills 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses and fungi including strangles and ringworm. It is DEFRA tested, powered by DuoMax, pleasantly fragranced, environmentally friendly, perfectly safe for humans & animals and suitable for use on all materials & surfaces. It easily dilutes up to 1:20 without losing efficiency to use in a hand sprayer to spray temporary stables whilst out competing, it is ideal for using in a pressure washer in the lorry and around the yard making it a cost effective and sensible item to take with you to shows. We all have biosecurity measures we undertake at home, so why not invest in CleanRound and take your biosecurity with you to shows. You will find clean round in the Lotions & Potions page

    1L only £7.50 plus postage

    Also available in 5L & 20L bottles, as rug wash and as medicated horse shampoo. To order, for more information or to find out rug wash/shampoo prices please pm or email mail@silverburnbrowbands.co.uk

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