Silverburn Weaves ©2014

A new design and officially launched in April 2014, Silverburn Browbands proudly introduces the Silverburn Weaves © Range! Exclusive to Silverburn Browbands, this range is made up of beautifully crafted browbands where the ribbon is weaved to create a classy elegant look

The browbands within this category all have a base starting price, then you simply choose your size, leather thickness, flag shape, and whether you wish to add Swarovski crystals or crystal rings to your browband.

Many of the designs and ranges at Silverburn Browbands have been designed by ourselves and we own the design rights and copyright on the designs and ranges. The  designs and final pieces are the result of creative skill, significant labour & investment into the products we create and sell. It is illegal to copy our designs and UK law is very unforgiving on infringement of this.

Should you wish to place an order, please email