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  • WOW, what a HOYS!!! Well done to all friends and customers who were competing and i hope you had a wonderful time!


    I would like to say a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to my sponsored team at Moor Farm. Carol Bardo, Jayne Ross and the hard working team behind the scenes have had a truly tremendous HOYS with Jayne and Rosettes Direct's Large Riding Horse, Broadshard Simplicity being crowned the HOYS Supreme Champion for a second consecutive year! WOW! What a horse Saucey is!

    The 2015 Horse of the Year Show Results for Moor Farm are as follow ...
    Small Hunters – 3rd Place, Hello Dolly
    Ladies Side Saddle – 1st Place, Hello Dolly
    Small Hacks – 7th Place, Fantastic Gift
    Lightweight Hunters – 2nd Place, Time to Reflect
    Middleweight Hunters – 1st Place, Bloomfield Tetrarch
    Heavyweight Hunters – 2nd Place, Bloomfield Excelsior
    Hunter Reserve Champion – Bloomfield Tetrarch
    Lightweight Cobs – 2nd Place, Cob in Hood
    Heavyweight Cobs – 7th Place, It’s Abracobdabra
    Small Riding Horse – 2nd Place, Casino
    Large Riding Horse – 1st Place, Broadshard Simplicity
    Large Riding Horse – 7th Place, Romanno Bedriska
    Riding Horse Champion – Broadshard Simplicity

    Absolutely wonderful results! Roll on the 2016 season!
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