Award winning, show browband supplier to many of the country's leading showing producers including Jayne Ross, Bridget Garner, Ian Smeeth, Richard & Marjory Ramsay, Richard Telford, Kirstine Douglas, Hannah & Helen Horton, Louise Maryon plus many more ... Pony Club Mounted Games Teams, as well as Amateur Horse/Rider combinations and right down to the happy hackers who like to look their best at all times

Silverburn Browbands, Nominee & Finalist BETA/SEIB Retailer of the Year Awards - Mail Order/Online Retailer 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, Finalist Life With Style Awards 2017 and 2018, Winner of the Scottish Farmer Equestrian Service Provider of the Year Award 2013 also voted as one of the 6 of the best bespoke browband companies in the UK 2011 and Runner Up in the Equestrian Service Provider of the Year Award 2011.

Nationally and Internationally recognised, you can be assured to receive show browbands and accessories of outstanding quality with a service to match.

Sponsor of HOYS 2018 Supreme Jayne Ross & her incredible show team and the fabulous Kinvara Garner who for her 3rd season rides Whalton Highwayman for Her Majesty, The Queen.

In a hurry? Can't wait to have a Bespoke Browband made? Visit our Online Shop where you can purchase from our 'Ready to Go' collection of show browbands. In Aberdeenshire? Why not enquire about our show trailer coming along to your show with our award winning merchandise!

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